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ThinkTank has found a gap in the market for a reliable company with the capability to manage all your design and printing solutions on your behalf. Apart from our top quality printed business cards, our superior printing solutions also include other promotional material like flyers, brochures, presentation folders, diaries, and even annual reports. We have the experience and know-how to get the job done perfectly and delivered on time. With us, the days of having to involve 3 or 4 different companies to get the job done are over. We offer a full turnkey operation so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Our printing is complemented by dedicated, service-driven professionals. With our trained staff and wide range of products and services, we provide you with efficient speed, products and solutions. Printing is our specialty, and we offer quality products you can rely on. At ThinkTank, we aim to provide you with professional, courteous and convenient service.

Business Card Printing

Top quality business card printing is essential for any company. Business cards are the best portable marketing medium for your business. It helps introduce your business to your potential clients and gives people a way to get in touch with you and your company, and you can even carry them around in your wallet. Shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid, a business card typically includes your name, contact details like phone number or company address and of course your company logo, which in turn ensures brand recognition.

A simple business card might be that one particular thing that gets you in the door with customers, putting you that one step ahead of your competitors. A good quality, well-presented business card always attracts attention. And there is absolutely no reason why your business card should be anything less than extraordinary.

Having a good business card is important in order to attract your clients. Even with a limited budget, the creativity of your business card can have no boundaries. Single-sided business cards or even one-colour business cards can save you money while doing the job. But you must consider the design and contents of your business, adding to the totality of your business card.

You need to dare to be different if you want your business card to be more attractive and eye catching. Consider this for a moment – when you’re investing your time, energy and hard earned money into creating business cards that will be a powerful marketing tool for your business, why not maximize the impact by using only the best quality printing?

Brochure Printing

From the paper stock selection right down to the finishing touches, we do it all with quality and service that goes way beyond your wildest expectations. And let’s be honest – a brochure that is going to rest in the hands of executives like a CEO should not be done by anyone less than professional.

Company product or service brochures are an extremely flexible and adjustable product that can promote your business in many exciting ways. It’s a well-known fact that more and more of your business marketing is done online, but the truth of the matter is that your customers still enjoy the personal sense of connection and reassurance they get from receiving a printed brochure, intentionally given to them.

Brochure printing is the easiest and most common way to give potential customers all the relevant information they need; be it about a company’s product or services or anything else. Some brochures even advertise locations or events. Brochures are great in the sense that they don’t have size or time limitations like other forms of marketing; they have a kind of staying power, giving dimension and weight to whatever you state about your company. To create the utmost effect with your brochure, the design should be eye-catching, and the printing of top quality. We guarantee that you won’t find better quality anywhere else than here at ThinkTank. Trade shows and direct mail are the most common ways to distribute product or service brochures, and taking care of marketing couldn’t be easier… Now that’s what we call intellectual resources!

Flyer Printing

Long gone are the days of boring, overlooked flyers. Don’t make the common mistake of not understanding how versatile and cost-effective a marketing flyer can be. Typically handed out at intersections or placed in mailboxes, flyers are used by individuals or businesses to promote their products, services or events. No matter how big the company, they are a form of mass marketing or small-scale community communication to engage the public or desired audience – the perfect solution for companies who do not have the resources to advertise over the internet or other printed media like newspapers or magazines.

Used in conjunction with other marketing materials, however, the opportunities are endless. If your flyer has a coupon or some other special deal on it, chances are you’ll have a greater number of people take them, or if you’re handing them out in a location that particularly appeals to those customers you’ll have a greater chance of success.

Our designers have the ability to turn any flyer into a work of art, adding maximum appeal to your company’s product or service being marketed. Whether you are in need of single-sided, double sided, black and white or full colour business cards, we do it all, supplying you with what you need at prices you can afford.

Diary Printing

Diaries with excellent finish and intricate cover designs are a must have for every individual. Imagine having the opportunity to get exposure for your company every time someone else goes to a meeting. Imagine having that, 5 days a week, the whole year round… Well here’s the groundbreaking truth – it most certainly is possible!

Customised diaries are more valuable than you think. Instead of having a simple book with dates and time where you jot down your meetings for the next month, why not have a classy, personalised corporate diary that gets your brand out there without so even saying a single word. Your corporate message automatically enjoys superior visibility 365 days a year with diaries.

We print and supply the best quality diaries for use; be it for educational institutes, corporate sectors, or even personal use. Our diaries are well known for their excellent finish and impeccable durability.

To ensure you have part in this world where you are able to assist in your clients’ daily planning routine, travel with them to those important meetings and communicate with them as individuals rather than a collective audience, with is you are in perfect hands.

Annual Reports

ThinkTank has been a leading agency in designing and printing annual reports. Our experience in layout design and high quality printing gives us the cutting edge in the market.

An annual report, also known as a financial statement, is a critical component of maintaining transparency and responsibility with external and internal parties. And if annual reports play such an important role, why settle for a boring design that has minimal visual appeal? Our skilled designers have got what it takes to design an exceptional annual report for your company.

Annual reports are a great investment for your company, and if you see them as marketing material that could be used many times over in multiple environments, they have even more value. Our printing is of top quality, and you’ll have a pretty hard time finding better anywhere else. Adding even more value to our services, the final printed product is just one method for using your company’s annual report. Crossing the borders of printing, an innovative way to use them is to also post it online in HTML or a downloadable PDF, or even a hard copy that can be ordered. The advantage is that they attract readers and influence perspectives, reaching a lot of people who hardly ever go on your website.

Putting company stories about your work and the people involved all together in one place, helps customers, shareholders, the general community and even employees to understand your company a little better. It makes people proud internally. Providing information like how well the business is doing financially and upcoming changes projected for the next year, individuals with assets tied up in the company can also use the annual report to determine the security of their investment. Shareholders can use the annual report to make important decisions regarding the company.

The great thing about annual reports is that they create a communication discipline, and the development thereof generates new content that can be purposefully used in other ways too. There are quite a few companies that use their annual report as a marketing tool, and in many cases the look also resembles a marketing brochure – printed on glossy paper with several pictures, combined with typography. A well executed annual report’s graphics and language can motivate the reader to take the time to continue reading. That’s exactly why you need ThinkTank for your stunning annual reports – we make it easy with a logical structure and intuitive design.

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