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September 27, 2017
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#WineAndWork – ThinkTank’s Wine-Tasting and Networking Event

#WineAndWork – ThinkTank’s Wine-Tasting and Networking Event

ThinkTank hosts an exciting event at Leriba Hotel with talks on Business and Digital Marketing

ThinkTank recently hosted a wine-tasting and networking event for all the businesses located at the R21 corporate park. The event was held at the gorgeous Leriba Hotel where every invited business representative was pampered as a guest of honour for the afternoon. The ThinkTank team is relatively new to our current offices, at the R21 Corporate Park, and hosted the event to introduce ourselves to our new home and our new neighbours. Other businesses located at the R21 Corporate Park were in attendance along with ThinkTank’s own clients and connections.

The afternoon started off with a relaxed meet and greet with wine and drinks served by the welcoming Leriba Hotel staff, after which guests made their way to the Leriba party bus. Guests were treated to a tour of the surrounding Centurion area before being lead back to the hotel venue. Here members of the party were treated to more wine as well as food and snacks while they sat to absorb the speakers’ enlightening talks. First to speak was Leriba Hotel and Lodges’ owner and CEO, Peet du Preez, who welcomed his guests with open arms.

ThinkTank’s Brand Guru, Samantha De Wet gave an enlightening presentation on the importance Digital Marketing.

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases” she stated, emphasising the dominance of digital persuasion in purchase decisions.

She continued to expand on some basic Digital Marketing concepts – SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogging, Newsletter, E-Mail and Affiliate marketing before elaborating on how these can be relevant and useful for the innovative, smart business. A fascinating and relevant topic for many in the audience as they were mostly business owners and directors. Even for those who were not in management or director positions,  the information was particularly interesting in terms of informing staff members of how ThinkTank’s online marketing services work and why they are essential to a business’s digital footprint.

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Renowned business coach, Claudio Camera was the final speaker and his focus was on entrepreneurship and business.

As the boss of your own workplace, you’ll be responsible for deciding who goes where and who does what. Much of your workplace’s productivity and morale will depend on your ability to not just lead, but lead well.

Claudio gave a break-down of the kind of assessments business owners and managers need to make on themselves, their business and their employees in order to determine whether or not their business is moving in the right direction as well as which areas tend to create recurring problems for their business.

During his talk, he expressed his passion for helping businesses grow and become profitable, in order to let business owners enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. As a former CEO and having served several disciplines covering sales, marketing, manufacturing, PR and Communications over more than 25 years, he spoke from a perspective that knows full and well what kind of pressure comes with managing a business. As a Business Coach and adviser, his job is to help businesses deliver the results they desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over thousands of businesses worldwide for decades.

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Overall the evening was one of information and connection. From connecting individuals that form essential parts of each business to connecting the services that each business representative had on offer, to connecting the clients that ThinkTank currently has, to the information on how marketing services work and benefit business. Not only was the event a success in being informative and educational for all our guests, it was also an enjoyable opportunity for our guests, clients and team to interact and connect.

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